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2:00pm 04-02-2018
Mark Malmin
Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work entitled: Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, A Reconstructed Chronology. Kudos brother! This was a beautiful example and fulfillment of the Great Commandment, given by Moses and tweaked by Jesus. Jesus modified the words Moses gave to love the Lord thy God with all thy "heart, soul, might" but Jesus inserted the word 'mind'. We are to love the Lord with our minds, and diligently search the scriptures. You have done that. Thank you my friend!
11:23am 05-20-2013
Christoph Ax
I saw with great interest your article: "The Morrow After the Sabbath - A Controversy Between the Pharisees and the Sadducees
During the time of Christ" on your Website. As far as I understand (as a German), you say that in Joshua 5,11 First Fruits were held on the day after Pasover (14th Abib) and the Omer-countig startet on 15th Abib, that was a Sunday that year? If so, did you realize, that you would have 8 (!) weekly Sabbaths until Schawuot ???
11:02am 03-03-2013
Kerusso Redbeard
I found your article on "The Morrow After the Sabbath" to be very helpful!
God's blessings to you.
3:02pm 12-18-2012
Scott Corder
Hi, thought you might like to see a new witness site at God bless
10:55am 08-23-2011
Jim Thomas
Please read this fascinating essay that identifies the two women in Revelation (hint: they are related!) and warns about what might be in store for our nation in the near future:

If you find it as interesting as I did, please forward to others.
11:46pm 05-08-2011
Manolito A. Bernardo
Dearest brethren:

Though we did not experienced any Bible school, I and my wife started a church under the tree & pioneered a self supporting church, we named “CHRIST DISCIPLE CHURCH”, now with 25 youths & on its 5th year.
We are looking for a group a individual who could partner with us by helping us equip believers for the work of the ministry of discipleship by sending us discipleship teachings/doctrines in book,dvd,or cd form.
Thanks & Godbless us as we join our hands to reach the world for Christ!

My address: 12 Bahaghari St.Pag-asa 2,Caruhatan,Valenzuela City,Metro Manila,Philippines,1441
My email
My cell no: 09499071099

In Christ,

7:09am 08-26-2010
I feel amzing peace with power and theclight with peace and kindful mind to win my the City to Jesus with powerful gospel and many will pray for revival inthis time in faith and believe in miracles ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo swedn
3:57am 03-09-2010
Sreedhar Jeshurun
Dear Sir
I was trying a lot to include my pro-israel website with you but there was a technical problem existed.Hence Iam submitting it through guest book.

My Website:
1:56am 10-31-2009
can u provide rss email subscribtion ?
7:19pm 02-22-2009
Stan and Judy Sharp
Hello Uncle Clovis. Thanks for sharing this information.
7:09am 02-06-2009
john moses
The webpage is superweb it carries same view on Rev 11 & im convince its true in the dake bible commentary too.thx